Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A New Cultural Experience

Yesterday we bought Christmas presents for each other.  Yup, we are making one giant step for our household......saying good-bye to our land-line phone effective the first of the year.  In its place, we will each be sporting our own cell phone.  I will be sending out our new numbers to friends and family.  In the meantime, we shall have to read the instruction books, program them as we want them, and familiarize ourselves with their buttons and options.  It's exciting stuff for us geezers. 

Amish School
Later in the day we drove to another town where we treated ourselves to a whole new cultural experience.  An Amish Haystack Supper.  The Amish families host this free-will-donation supper as a fund-raiser for their schools.  We went through the help-yourself line, took a paper plate, put real homemade mashed potatoes down on our plates first, then a taco-hamburger topping, and from there we stacked on our choice of tomatoes, onions, peppers, cauliflower, radishes, lettuce, celery, taco chips and the best oozy-goozy cheese and/or salad dressing.  For dessert, choice of homemade pies.....pecan, blueberry, black raspberry, apple, etc......topped off with homemade vanilla ice-cream that the Amish men were making outside the building in sub-zero temperatures.  As the two of us sat stabbing our forks into the haystacks, I told my hubby this was the neatest cultural experience I ever had.  And, I meant it.  Our only regret when leaving the supper was that we'll have to wait until March for the next one! 

The road ahead of us!
 The country roads are snow-packed and call for cautious and slow maneuvering.  With each turn in the road, a fresh dramatic scene appeared in front of us.  A blue sky painted the perfectly glorious backdrop to the snow-frosted timbers. 

Last evening's final curtain fell, with us embracing sweet memories of things new, things old-fashioned, and all things bright and beautiful.