Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mom's Recipes

Last night, laying there in bed, thoughts came to me about our Christmases past.  Every year Mom would make two Date Nut Rolls, one to serve at Christmas and the other to send home with me.  Cuz she knew that I just loved it. 

Mom left behind for me all of her recipes, and last year I categorized them in an expanding file, labeled as cookies, desserts, main dishes, salads, and more.  This morning my mind is still stuck on that Date Nut Roll, so I brought out the file of recipes and found the ingredients that make it so good.

1/2 lb. Graham crackers
Few Maraschino cherries, cut fine
1 cup dates, chopped
2 cups small colored marshmallows
1 cups chopped nuts
1 cup Cool Whip
Roll graham crackers out fine.  Add chopped dates and marshmallows.  Combine with nuts and add the Cool Whip.  Blend well.  Firm in a roll and wrap in wax paper.  Refrigerate overnight.  Slice and serve.

The slices are pretty, with the red cherries and colored marshmallows.  Oh, I know I can make my own date nut roll, but nothing is ever the same as how our mothers made it.

Thinking back, mom made each of our favorites.  At the time, we took that for granted.  Now, however, it's plain as day that back then mothers used their kitchens to show us their love.  More often than not, that was their only resource for creating gifts to give their children.

If I let myself, I can get pretty sad this time of year when I think of all those who aren't with us anymore.  But, instead I try to devote all my love and thoughts to those that are around us, and with us.  And, in reality, those that are gone.......well, they're still with us......just like mom and her date nut roll.  I can sit here this morning, hold her hand-written recipe in my hands and feel her love goes right up my arm and straight to my heart.

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