Thursday, December 23, 2010

Can You Feel the Magic of Christmas?

One can only imagine what is going on at the North Pole today!  Poor Mrs. Claus is most likely stirring up batches of cookie dough.....gosh, how many cookies do all those little elves eat on this busy day!  I wonder if Mr. Claus has a computer to help him categorize toys for all the children across the globe.  How could he manage such a task without a database. 

Our Christmas tree
White ornament from my cousin in S.C.
Chip-carved plate my husband made
Hand-woven rug that I made
The Fuzzy One's Stocking
The magic of Christmas is near.  One can see it by looking under our trees.  Presents for the little ones, presents for the big ones, presents for friends, neighbors, and shut-ins.  Christmas kindness is falling upon us like snowflakes.

We went grocery shopping yesterday.  With a possible winter storm heading our way, we wanted to be sure that we have the ingredients for the goodies we want to make.  My hubby took me out for lunch.  Our favorite little cafe serves comfort food, so that's what we opted for.  He ordered a pork tenderloin sandwich with fries, and I had the daily special...bbq chicken sandwich, cheesy potatoes, baked beans, red jello and a green-frosted Christmas cookie!  Two ladies sat down at a table across from us, and after they put in their order, they pulled out a deck of cards and started playing.  A good old-fashioned noon lunch with a good friend.  How can you beat it!

Despite all my intentions, I'm no more ahead of myself this year than any other Christmas.  But, there are things one isn't able to do until the last minute.  Maybe the hurry-scurry is part of what makes it fun. 

At home here, just the two of us and the fuzzy one, we celebrate special occasions with shrimp cocktails.  This tradition goes back lots of years, and yesterday we made darned sure we didn't forget the shrimp.  A fluted glass of champagne and a shrimp cocktail is a simple, yet sweet, way to toast the end of another year together.  When we think that we had our first date in January of 1964, these toasts become more precious with each clink of our glasses!

So it is that we await our families coming to our house this weekend.  It means the world to us that they want to be with uncle and auntie.  We've aged physically, of course, but not mentally.  One of the best part of Christmas is that all of us are free to revert back to being the little child that lives within us.....and always will.  And, isn't it fun!