Monday, November 01, 2010

Chitter Chatter

My hubby's birthday is in November, so we are thinking of doing something special on that day.  This will be a milestone birthday....his 65th.  Can you imagine that!  My pretty boy who once had his hair slicked back and was the coolest guy around is turning 65???  Well, I'd best not be a smarty-pants about it cuz in eight months I'll be doing the same.  Dear me, where have the years gone.

It's pretty wonderful that we're able now to sit back and recall silly things we've done over the years.  This happens a lot when we get together  with our "old" friends, and sometimes we laugh so hard we cry, our tummies hurt, and some of us might pee in our pants just a bit.  In my opinion, that's life running over the top of the bucket.  As is the old adage, "laughter is the best medicine."  (Them's the best words ever writ'.)

As it turns out, the things we laugh about the most now are the pranks and the goofy and the carefree stuff we did when we were young.  Migod, I can't believe some of the tricks I've played on people, but then there are those who have played their 'successful' tricks on me......and we all know who you are, don't we!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

My daddy was a trickster and loved telling jokes, some of which were a bit on the shady side, but I can still see his face sparkle like sunshine when he laughed.  He had gold fillings in his teeth, and I could see them only when he laughed.  Good thing they don't use gold nowadays to fill our cavities, or we'd get clonked over the head by people needing some quick cash.  See, things could always be worse!!!

Which reminds me of my childhood and going to the dentist.  Our local dentist had his office in the upstairs of an old brick building, and I remember that awful long trudge up and up and up those steps to that cream-colored nasty chair that he would recline so he could get right in my face.  This was before dentists used face masks and Novocaine, and their drilling was akin to human torture, as was their breath.  And, let me tell you, we weren't given stickers or free toothbrushes after the fact either.  Makes  me cringe just writing about it.

Don't hit it so hard!
Seems that my mind is bouncing all over the place this morning, like a ping pong ball, and that reminds me of playing ping pong as a kid on our regulation pool table.  I used to want to be serious about the back and forth taps, but my competitors preferred swatting the ball with all their might across the basement and I'd have to go retrieve that white plastic ball like a puppy.  That used to frustrate me, cuz I just wanted to see how long we could nicely keep the ball going up and over the net and back again.

At one time I was a pretty good pool player, but I didn't play like the professionals on television where they indicate which pocket the ball will fall into.  Oh, no,my game was one of pure luck with no pre-determined pocket skills whatsoever.  Although, I do remember standing a bit straighter after making a heck of a good shot.  We'd shoot in rotation, seeing who could pocket the most of the balls in sequence, 1 through 15.

Am going to have to fly now.  I've got an appointment at 9:30 and it takes a while for this girl to get herself up to snuff for a public appearance. 

Today's Trivia:  I am going to be losing $20 on my World Series pick.