Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Water Puddles and Pancakes

It's raining, with winds gusting.  Just as predicted.  I'm sitting in the snuggler watching rain drops splash into water puddles on the sidewalk.  Today is garbage pickup day, so we brought our garbage can back to the garage right after the garbage truck was here.  Otherwise, the cans would be rolling down the street to who knows where.

The roadside vegetation must be extremely grateful for this rain.  The gravel roads are so terribly dusty these days, that some of the foliage looks gray instead of green.  I wish our state would get rid of gravel roads and put in hard-surfaced ones like other states have.  It's just awful to get behind a fast-driving vehicle and be swallowed up in a huge cloud of dust.

Everything these days centers around political influence and the almighty dollar.  There were at least four political campaign brochures in this morning's mail, and I ceremoniously deposited each one of them directly into the circular container under the kitchen sink.  Voting Day has got to get here and be over with, cuz the campaign messages on television are starting to drive me nuts.  One politician bad-mouthing the other one.  After awhile a person just gets this urge to throw something very large at the t.v. screen.  As Maxine would say, the elections are held in November because that's the best time to pick out a turkey! 

The aroma of pancakes is hitting me, so the house chef must be making our breakfast.  What a nice way to start out a rainy day....cup of strong coffee, glass of o.j., and a stack of pancakes dripping with sugar-free maple syrup.  After chowing down a filling breakfast, I suspect a lazy, hazy day will follow. 

Better scoot so I don't miss my place in line.  Ta-ta till tomorrow and don't let the winds blow you away!

Today in History:   In 1949, President Truman increased the minimum wage from 40 cents to 75 cents.