Tuesday, October 05, 2010

A Little Girl's Art Gallery

Gosh, I wonder where Mom's dining room table ever ended up.  When I was a little girl one of my favorite pastimes was sitting under our dining room table with a package of Black Jack gum.  I'd chew a stick until it was good  and soft, and then I'd stick it onto the bottom of the table and stretch it in all sorts of shapes and designs.  The gum stuck and dried onto the wood perfectly, and eventually the underside of the table turned into my own private art gallery.  Besides that, I just liked spending time under the table.  Where, oh where, might my gallery be today...... 

Makes one chuckle at the silly antics we came up with as kids.  Times were surely a lot different than today.  But, time keeps changing our world and always will.  Who was it that said, "If it wasn't for change, we wouldn't have butterflies!"

Looks like it's going to be another gorgeous autumn day.  Isn't it remarkable how much shorter the days are getting.  Halloween is around the corner, and the stores are overflowing with bags of candy for the trick-or-treaters.  Call me Scrooge, but that old tradition has mushroomed into a yearly event that goes far beyond what it used to be.  Greedy little buggers, fussy little buggers.  More change, I guess.  Yesterday I meant to buy some orange lights to put in the front of our home, but I didn't have it written on my shopping list......and, therefore, didn't think of it. I get so disgusted with myself when I go to the store for something......then get half-way home and realize that's the one thing that I did not buy. It's kinda like going upstairs to get something.....then getting upstairs and not remembering what I went up there for.  Or, when I buy groceries and forget to drive up for them, get home and come to find out I bought groceries and left town without them.  Now, that's when I really beat myself up!!

Last evening I fixed a big kettle of my potato chowder.....per my hubby's request.  Tis the soup season!  I call it potato, but I toss in cauliflower, broccoli, onions, carrots, and corn, as well.   The chowder is one of the few recipes that I can actually call my own creation.   

Rachel Ray was fixing one of her 30-minute meals on the Food Channel yesterday, and she prepared a Sloppy Lasagna.  She broke up the lasagna pasta into pieces, cooked them, then put her hamburger-tomato mixture in with the pasta pieces and stirred it all up.  She put one layer of the pasta-hamburger, one layer of ricotta cheese, another layer of the pasta mixture, and on top she put her white sauce with cheese mixed into it.  Put that in the oven for about 15 minutes until the top got golden brown, and that was it.  Man alive, it looked yummy when she scooped a portion onto her plate.  Rachel is quite creative in simplifying recipes, and I think we all welcome shortcuts...especially in the kitchen.

Yowza.....the phone just rang, and RB won two free tickets to a concert tonight by calling in to a local radio station, and she invited me to go with her.  Now how sweet is that!!!! 

Today's Trivia:  Ore-Ida Potato Products, Inc., was formed in 1952, with its first and largest potato-processing facility located in Oregon, right near the Idaho border.  Thus, the brand name Ore-Ida was born, combining the first few letters of Oregon and Idaho.