Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chile Miners Are Being Rescued

Chile, South America
 We went  to bed later than usual last night....watching the miraculous rescue of the miners who have been trapped in a gold and copper mine in the Chilean Atacama Desert since August 5th.  Reporters are comparing the live coverage of this rescue to man landing on the moon.   

Technical experts from all over the world pooled their knowledge in order to put this rescue operation together, and its success just goes to show what we humans can accomplish IF and WHEN we work together.  The first thought that comes to my mind is this:  why the hell can't our two government parties work together to untangle America's financial knots instead of each party pulling with all their might in opposite directions like a childish tug of war...seeking their own personal power and wealth.  It's obvious that our politicians don't want to fix our problems, or they would.

As I understand, the Atacama Desert is perhaps the driest place on Earth, and the soil there has been compared to that of planet Mars.  It is an opportune place for two major European Observatories, one of which includes the Very Large Telescope, which is so highly sophisticated that it would be able to distinguish the gap between the headlights of a car located on the Moon. 

As of right now, 15 of the miners have been brought out of the mine, leaving 18 yet to be rescued.  One of the trapped miners kept a journal during their days underground, and I can only  imagine that his words will become a huge best seller if he chooses to share them with the world.  Such a book would be one-of-a-kind, that's for sure.

For now, I hope and pray that every man gets brought to the surface safely, and that their families can be left to privately face the psychological challenges and demons that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.  These men have lived through hell on earth.  It's pretty hard for an average person to comprehend what all has been involved in making this rescue possible.   What we see on our television screen is like looking at a drop of sea water and thinking we're looking at the Atlantic. 

Each of us needs our own personal strength and courage to get through today.  Seems there's always a kink in the hose somewhere.  But, watching this Chilean rescue tells me that we should never doubt ourselves, no matter what.  Patience does attain all it strives for, and I really believe that.

Today's Trivia:  In 1894, there were only 4 automobiles in the U.S.