Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Plum Poppin' Time

Eating wild plums, right from the tree, is a pure and simple pleasure that I have managed to elevate to a yearly celebratory event.

There grows a tree on public property that beholds beautiful plums each year.  We know there is a clandestine conspiracy among us plum pickers that beckons each one of us to get to that tree before the other one gets there.  Last evening we went out on that annual plum hunt, only to find that the red beauties were gone, the tree bare, and we had lost the once-a-year competition. 

But, our watchful eyes were surprised to find yet another plum tree tucked among other shrubby trees, with a few of its branches still bearing the tiny orbs.  Out came the plastic grocery sack, out jumped my hubby from the driver's seat, and our private plum pursuit was underway.  The caper carried off without a flaw.  I had my trusty little bunch of plums, ready to dig into and eat, one by one.  Omigod!  They popped open when I bit down on them, with the sweetness and tartness giving my body restorative powers that only Mother Nature can give.  I tossed the pits out the car window, hoping maybe another plum tree will emerge from the earth to provide more sweet sustenance for us earthlings.

The temperature has come down, and there's a nice breeze bringing itself in the house through the screen door.  Refreshing.  Fallen leaves are scattered on the sidewalk and our front porch.  One by one they sail to the ground like little parachutes, each leaf having faithfully completed its job to help beautify our boulevard and give us summer shade.  There's a twinge of sadness as I watch the leaves falling, yet there's a balancing twinge of anticipation for the cooler season that will soon be obeying the waving hands of Mother Nature.

Today's Trivia

Hummingbirds can't walk.