Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kindness--My Stun Gun

The day President John F. Kennedy was killed, I was a senior in high school sitting in study hall when the superintendent and principal announced that our President had been shot in Texas. 

September 11, 2001
On September 11, 2001, when terrorists hit the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, I was sitting in a small cafe in Maine eating blueberry pie and ice cream for breakfast with two of my dearest traveling friends.  Later that day when we were in Portland, Maine, we learned the terrorists had been at the airport there earlier in the day setting into motion those horrible acts against our country. 

I don't think we ever forget those moments.  Ever.  Anytime something really awful happens, it's like the exact moment is branded onto us with a hot iron.  We can bring that moment back to reality on a whim.  The one thing I remember most, being so far away from home on 9-11, was fear.  What was coming next?   

Religion is supposed to be our saving grace, yet it is the battle between religions that prevents peace on this earth of ours.  The holiest places are some of the strongest sources of hatred, evil, and violence.  Among themselves they fight, and with the rest of the world they fight.  Their beliefs are so strong that they are more than willing to give their lives to defend them.   

The way I always look at life, I do everything possible to maintain peace in my own little niche of the universe.  Life has thrown some real sharp ice picks at me, with darned good aim, let me say.  But, I refuse to let life win out over me.  Over the years I amassed a library of self-help books, having read and re-read them to the point the pages are tattered.  Probably I needed a shrink to help me deal with the grief and family betrayals, but by god, I made up my mind I would learn to deal with anything, and I'd teach myself.  And, I did.  There's a secret weapon in my back pocket, and I carry it with me all the time.  It's a little thing called the rock of kindness.  Throw hatred my way, and I'll toss my rock of kindness back.  I've witnessed the results of that, and it's almost funny.  When hateful people get smacked with a random act of kindness, they fall dead in their tracks.  They honest to god do not know how to react. 

Each of us are hurt in life, over and over again.  There's no way of stopping that, ever.  People feel good when they can cause someone else pain.  It's a morbid kind of self-satisfaction.  We each have a cupful of critters we just don't care for.  They rub us the wrong way.  Guess that's the reason Our Creator gave us a neck that turns our head in opposite directions.

The best part of blogging, or journaling, is having a place to put one's thoughts, opinions, and feelings.  Most of the time I try to keep upbeat and positive, because that's something that I've practiced and gotten pretty good at doing.  The sun doesn't shine anywhere all of the time.  We're taught from little on to whine and moan about cloudy days and rainy days.  To heck with that noise, I love those overcast days.  They foster creativity and provoke thought.  It's the same with the dark days in life.  The ones that bring us tears of sorrow and tears of disappointment.  But, those days are the ones that bring us life's deepest meaning and understanding.  We have to experience pain before we can experience healing.   

So, what are the terrorists talking about today on their anniversary of 9-11?  Are they toasting their violent conquests?  It's ironic that Osama Bin Laden is the one who's been forced to live like a rodent up in the hills.  Does he really feel like the conqueror?     

My heart goes out to those who lost family and friends in the 9-11 tragic attacks.  Let us not forget that we're not ever really safe from the terrorists.  One of these days they're going to hit their target, despite their often blundered efforts.  I hope to high heaven that I'm ashes in the ground when that happens to America.  When we humans get too cocky, when nothing is good enough for us, when we get resentful and hateful toward one another.....that's about the time the axe could fall.  Evil is out to erase Goodness, and if we take a good look on all that is cannot help but wonder which is the winning team.  As I say, all I can do is keep peace in my corner and every day do something that will promote a smile instead of a crab-assed frown. 
The sun shines this morning, the air is crisp, and it's going to be a pleasant fall day.  I'm going to a Cuban dance concert tonight with my sweet little fun-buddy, and I can't wait.  The two of us always  have such fun together, and it is she who was the little angel that pulled me out of the depths of depression when life hit me hard.  She stuck beside me like no other.  So, tonight the two of us are having girls night out.  Thanks, R, for being you!

Blessings on America!