Monday, September 13, 2010

Golden Yellow Roadsides

The roadside ditches are blooming yellow with Goldenrod, of the genus Solidago, meaning 'to make whole.'  The goldenrod has been used as medicine to treat inflammations, the rich yellow color for dyes, and for herbal teas. The plant is found in ditches and fields across the United States and is the state flower of Alabama, Kentucky, and Nebraska. It's also been suggested for the national flower.

At one time, the goldenrod was incorrectly considered to be the cause of hay fever, probably because it blooms in late summer and autumn at the same time as the rag weeds, which are the real cause of the stuffy noses and other allergic reactions. 

My dear mother was one of those who dreaded the sight of the goldenrod.  She was convinced that the plant was the reason she suffered from hay fever.  The very sight of the goldenrod made her sneeze.

Is goldenrod a wildflower or is it a weed?  I, personally, consider it to be a wildflower....a very beautiful wildflower that attracts beautiful butterflies. 

If you find yourself in York Beach, Maine, be sure to stop in at The Goldenrod....a restaurant, candy store, and homemade ice cream shop that's been there since 1896.  Their signature candy is the Goldenrod Kiss, a yummy salt water taffy.  My heart yearns to return to Maine.  If I had a former life, I know for sure that I lived in Maine.  Don't know what it is, but it's like a magnetic force inside me that wants and feels the need to return.  When I'm in Maine, I feel whole, at home, and it's like it's where I belong.  Weird, isn't it?

Autumn brings an entirely new color palette, and we can't help but stop and click a few pics when we're out and about on our afternoon jaunts.  Here are a couple of sacred spaces we visited yesterday.

Wild Posies Gracing Hidden Iron Fence
Water Shadows