Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sleep Tight.......

Have you read about the increase of bed bugs in the US?  The highly populated cities, like NYC, Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, etc., are experiencing the worst infestations.  It's my understanding that after World War II the bed bugs were controlled by DDT, but since that pesticide has been banned, the bugs have made a problematic come-back.  It's pretty much impossible to get rid of them without professional exterminators, and we thank heaven for those guys!!!

Sure makes me want to sleep in my own bed where I know the sheets are clean and the mattress is, too.  We used to enjoy going on vacations and staying in motels and resorts, never giving a thought to who slept in the bed the night before or what might me crawling around on the mattress.  Now, I guess my Germ-X Behavior, plus some years of added wisdom, have me toting my sleeping bag for over-nighters.  I nicely lay it out on the bed and sleep in/on it and not even let my skin touch the bed, and I also tote my own pillow.  But, I suppose, the bugs could still come home with me.  I read one article where they're advising people when traveling to put their luggage on a table and not on the floors in motel rooms.

Gotta share the story of our trip out east in 1971.  After a full-day tour of NYC, we bussed back to our brand-new Chevy Nova that we left in Wilkes-Berre, Pennsylvania.  The only place we could find to stay that night was in the nearby po-dunk town of Chinchilla.  We got a room for $15.  The shower was one of those old rusted metal ones, the water was rusty, and the sagging springs in the old iron bed dropped us practically onto the floor.  We were young and adventurous, and we had no choice if we wanted to get some rest after our exhausting day chasing around the Big Apple.  Migod, I cannot imagine what might have been scurrying around on that mattress, yet we slept like babies.

So often we see someone hauling an old mattress in the back of a pickup.  Buying used mattresses is not a smart idea.  I'd  sleep on the floor rather than sleep on some old stained mattress that some stranger slept on.   

It's my understanding that bed bugs have been feasting on us humans for thousands of years.  The ease of inter-continental travel is one reason that the bed bug problem has mushroomed.  Think I'm going to stay cozy in my own beddy-by and sing the song from the flea commercial on t.v.... "There ain't no bugs on me.  There ain't no bugs on me.  There may be bugs on someone else, but there ain't no bugs on me!"