Thursday, August 05, 2010

Missing Hedgehogs

We carefully watch the newspapers and flyers that come in the mail luring shoppers to their store with bonanza sales.  So often those sales are bogus going-out-of-business sales that really don't amount to anything for the shopper.  So has been our experience.

Some years back we bought a livingroom couch and love seat that we felt was earthy, patterned with brown and various shades of green leaves, but after we got it situated it in our home it's attraction diminished quickly and both of us learned to dislike it alot.  So, yesterday we figured, aw heck, let's try again and head to the furniture store with the Lazy Boy sale. 

I'm not a shopper to begin with.  Unlike most women, I'd rather stay home than go to the mall.  But, anyway, we took time to see what was out there.  After browsing the store, each of us picking out possibilities, talking them over,discussing prices and repeating that process about five times, we both agreed on a new couch and chair for both our den and our livingroom.

Our intention was to go with light colors to lighten up our home.  But, once again common sense prevailed and our final decision will bring in darker tones.  Durability won out over glamour, as is always the case with us.  I guess if a person has common sense, you might as well use it.

For a couple of years, our little fur-girl has been missing her favorite toy hedgehog, that we named Harley.  She had it since she was a tiny puppy, and we could tell her to go find Harley and she would run find him and bring him to us in her mouth.  Like a little retriever.  When Harley came up missing, we about ripped the house apart looking for him.  We thought maybe we left him in our camper when we traded it in, so we replaced Harley with another stuffed hedgehog.  Well, it wasn't long before we were looking for that one.  He was nowhere to be found.  The next time we visited the pet store, a third stuffed hedgehog came home with us in the hopes that we could once and for all replace Harley and the four of us could live happily ever after.  Well, the same sprites that steal socks must've been scooting around the corners of our home, cuz hedgehog #3 came up missing as well.  Frustrated as we were, we didn't alert the cops, because we thought this had to be an inside job.

And, it evidently was.  Yesterday the hubby was checking out our double-reclininer couch in the den when he reached down inside of the split cushions and pulled out Harley #2.  Hurrah!  He reached in again, found Harley #3.  Hurrah hurrah!  And, the whole house shook when he pulled out Harley #1 that had been lovingly patched by my hubby's mother.  Now, who do you suppose hid her Harleys 1, 2 and 3?  I kinda think the mystery is solved, especially after seeing the look on her face when her daddy discovered them!

Can't wait for our new furniture to be delivered, and I'm especially pleased with the money we saved.  Surprisingly, it was a true blue sale, and Lazy Boy is a brand well known for its good wear.  Sales like that don't come around every day.  I figure any money not spent, is money earned.  I've learned there's a big difference between labeling someone "tight" and labeling someone a "smart shopper."  As my dear mother would say, "A fool and his money are soon parted."  Having been raised with that sort of guidance in spending, I'm more than satisfied to be the smart shopper who checks prices twice, compares prices, and sometimes decides I really don't need the item after all.

Oh, by the way, we're going to keep a very close eye on our newly discovered litter of stuffed hedgehogs!