Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday's Ramblings

Isn't it incredible how each one of us has our own mind that thinks all by itself about anything we want to think about?  When I stop to think about that fact, my mind boggles and it just doesn't seem possible.  Over six billion human computers all working at the same time, all perceiving existence differently, and yet we manage to co-exist as well as we do.  Amazing.

Often I think about two people, maybe even two siblings who had the same biological parents, and yet they are as different as a rock and feather.  The way we perceive things to be is not the way it truly is.  It is simply what our mind thinks.  Our perception might be a deception. 

Here is an illusion.  Do you first see an Indian head, or do you see an Eskimo?

And, have you ever wondered if other people see colors in the same way you do?  Is what I see as yellow the same as the person across the street perceives to be yellow?  And, what if there was no color on the earth, only grays?  Wouldn't that be awfully depressing?  Would we be able to recognize things as easily as we do?   Do you suppose Our Creator emerges early morning with an army of angels, buckets of paint and paintbrushes, and they paint us a new day? 

My mother always loved the color red, and she wanted me to wear red.  So, guess what color I never wanted to wear?  Yup, it was red.  In fact, my first pair of glasses that I got when I was about 9 years old were red, for god's sake.  My tendency was to wear earth tones, or what mother called 'dull stuff.'  She, again, was drawn to the bright, bold colors that came out and smacked you right in the head.  This difference of taste remained between us through all the years, and finally I think she gave up and expected me to be quite dull.

The crazy part of it, tho, is that red is probably the most beautiful of all colors.  The blood that runs through our veins is red.  Lots of times I draw red hearts on notes, cards, and letters to let the recipient know that it's sealed with love.  As I type this, I'm looking at a small rug that mother made out of small squares of polyester fabric, and let me tell you, it's packed with bright reds, purples, greens, pinks, blues.....well, you name a color and she's put it in there.  The only reason I have it in the livingroom is because our little bichon likes to lay on it.  Mom would be tickled pink.

We humans spend way too much time thinking about the colors of clothes we wear.  Think about animals and birds.  They're given one outfit, and they have to wear it their whole lives.

I think my brain is starting to rev up, and I'd best turn off my ignition.