Monday, June 21, 2010

Tending to Things

Am giving a heads up to my faithful readers.....the next couple of days I cannot guarantee that there will be posts from me. Reason? Well, tomorrow we are heading real early to Rochester for my pre-op tests and then back up on Wednesday for a same-day surgery. Nothing earth-shaking, but just enough to rattle my cage a little bit. Please check in, tho, cuz I sure don't want to lose you.

When a person hits the 60s, the body begins to act up. If we don't take care of things, it can get downright ornery. However, it's definitely a perk that my doctor is tall, dark, handsome, and in his 40's (woo hoo), so lord knows what else I might think up to have wrong with me! (giggle)

Stay tuned, and I'll be back soon as I can......ta-ta