Saturday, June 05, 2010

Rainy Saturday

70% chance of rain today. That's okay 'cuz I love rainy days. They remind me of years ago when we used to take the kitchen chairs into the livingroom, arrange them so we could build a house with blankets draped over them. Loud cracks of thunder and lightning, and we'd crawl inside our cozy little blanket house and that was the neatest feeling ever. Both Mom and Daddy were there, so everything felt just right.

Rainy days are good days to bring out the books, cuddle on the couch, and read. Or, bake a batch of cookies, preferably chocolate chips. Television is a hopeless source of entertainment these days. My hubby is still asleep, but I'm thinking maybe we oughta get in the car pretty soon and hit a few garage sales. On Saturdays they usually run only until noon, so we'd have to shake a leg. It's not that we "need" anything, but rather just something fun we can do. Never know what one might find on a table for just a few cents.

There's also a Rhubarb Festival not too far from where I live, and that might be something fun to trolley over and see. It's held in the city park, and from the advertisements I've read about it, they're offering all kinds of goodies made out of rhubarb. We're always looking for little day ventures like that.

Got up early this morning and have already worked the crossword puzzle and word jumble in the daily. One of the jumble words was "wabile" and for the life of me I couldn't figure it out. Rather than wear out my brain, I resorted to the online jumble solver. The word was "bewail" and then I was upset with myself for not recognizing the word. Oh, well. At least I was able to figure out the answer to the puzzle after that. The puzzles are first thing I do every morning after I pour that first cup of java. Kinda kicks me into gear.

Oh, I hear footsteps coming down the stairs. I'd better start hinting about the garage sales. It'll be easy, cuz my hubby enjoys them just as much as I do!
I think we're gonna get wet.