Thursday, June 17, 2010

Germ-X and Pop Cans

I'm sitting here watching a steady stream of dedicated morning walkers. Every day the same ones walk at exactly the same time, they walk the same routes, geared up in walking shorts and tees, walking shoes, some wear earphones with radar or some kind of receptive device, and absolutely no one is smiling. One guy takes a plastic bag with him and picks up pop and beer cans as he walks. Thanks to him, we have alot less litter. We know of one lady who so very religiously went out picking cans, that she actually paid for a trip to Europe with her 'can coins.' Whenever I see a can along the road, I can't help but think that we should stop, cuz it is $$ just laying there. At the price of gasoline these days, I fear it'd cost more than it's worth to pull over to the side of the road and let the car idle while retrieving the can. And, there's always the possibility of getting rear-ended!

The problem with picking up cans these days, tho, is a person just doesn't know what's been in that can or if they're contaminated somehow. For me to pick up a stranger's can, I'd have to wear plastic gloves or use a pair of tongs. I think over the years I've grown to be a 'germ freak,' and I'm a fanatic for using Germ-X or other germ killers. We carry the stuff with us in the car, and it's really nice that restaurants now have dispensers available. The Clorox kitchen wipes are a mainstay in our home, altho I've read that these bacterial cleaners aren't any better than the others. I'm just not convinced of that yet.

Even motels bug me. My head starts thinking about the mouth that might have drooled on the pillow the night before and lord knows what other trapeze acts might have transpired. The very thought gives me the willies!

When I was little, I was forever in the dirt, playing in the sandbox, and my Grampa used to say that a kid has to eat so much dirt in order to be healthy! Wonder what he'd think about me now.

P.S. Happy Birthday, DJ!