Monday, May 31, 2010


I've been going crazy today trying to think of the name of the caramel candy bar that my parents would buy for us kids when we went to the movies in the 1950s. After Googling candy from that era, I finally found it.......the perfect 5 cent candy bar, Snirkles!

Another of my faves was the 7-Up bar. It had 7 different kinds of candy in one bar. Could never understand why they quit making something that fabulously good. It had one big nut in the middle and one of the candies was a jellied something or other.

Gets a person thinking about the things we had fun with as kids, like the candy cigarettes. Don't think I liked eating them, but thought it smart to pretend to inhale and puff invisible smoke in the air like the grownups did and flick the ashes off the red tips. Back then everyone smoked, so it was really a big deal. Wasn't there a pink cigar bubble gum, too? Licorice pipes, wax bottles, and Snaps. Walnut Crush bars in orange wrappers and SloPokes on sticks, root beer barrels and tootsie roll pops with the chocolate in the middle. Cracker Jack gave us toys and Bazooka Bubble Gum jokes.

Well, I've nicely managed to put myself in a tizzy, so think I'm gonna rummage through the cupboard for something sweet to munch on!